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Although Wortelgat is a peaceful, quiet and soothing place to find rest away from the city, it is brought to life with a vast selection of species that fly, hop and crawl about the property. From the chirping of birds in the rising sun to impeccable views of the flamingos lounging around the lagoon are all part of the heavenly experiences on the property.



Wortelgat homes an array of natural vegetation that permeate from the banks of the Kleinriver estuary. We are exceedingly blessed with an abundance of ancient milkwood thickets and indigenous limestone hiding in plain sight. At first glance the surrounding belt of shrubland may not look appealing, but upon closer inspection you would be enthralled by the beauty and the variety of species of plants, herbs and flowers that fynbos provides. There are ample pathways to explore that wind through the site as you discover more about God’s creation.



You won’t mistake the staggering view of the Bellevue Mountain. Wortelgat extends its property over 800 hectors inhabited with indigenous forests. Resting at 963 metres above sea level, is Maanskyknkop that forms our western border, while a forest with four waterfalls forms our eastern border. A short trip to the viewpoint will bear you witness to the artistic beauty of the surrounding countryside, the mountain range and the estuary.  

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